Working Papers

Keele, Luke J., Ismail White “African-American Turnout in Majority-Minority Districts.” Conditional acceptance Political Science Research and Methods

Keele, Luke J., Sam Pimentel, Matthew Lenard, and Lindsay Page “Optimal Multilevel Matching Using Network Flows: An Application to a Summer Reading Intervention.”

Keele, Luke J., Hyunseung Kang, and Laura Peck “A Comparison of Inferential Techniques for Instrumental Variables Methods.”

Keele, Luke J. and Luke Miratrix “Randomization Inference for Outcomes with Clumping at Zero.”

Keele, Luke J., David Harrison, and Richard Grieve “A Principled Approach for Designing Observational Studies from Within RCTs.”

Keele, Luke J., Jesse Y. Hsu, and Dylan S. Small “Patterns of Effects and Sensitivity Analysis for Differences-in-Differences”

Keele, Luke J., Steve Harris, Sam Pimentel, and Richard Grieve “Stronger Instruments and Refined Covariate Balance in an Observational Study of the Effectiveness of Prompt Admission to the ICU in the UK.”

Keele, Luke J. and Kevin Quinn “What Can Be Learned from a Simple Table? Bayesian Inference and Sensitivity Analysis for Causal Effects from 2 x 2 and 2 x 2 x K Tables in the Presence of Unmeasured Confounding.”

Keele, Luke J., Felix Elwert, and Randy Stephenson “The Perils of the All Cause Model.”

Keele, Luke J. and Rocio Titiunik “Bounding Treatment Effects Under Interference in Geographic Natural Experiments: An Application to All-Mail Voting in Colorado.”

Keele, Luke J. “Conditioning on Post-treatment Quantities with Structural Mean Models.”