This website is for the distribution of the R package “rbounds”. The rbounds package is for conducting Rosenbaum’s method of sensitivity analysis with matched data. In its current form one can conduct sensitivity analyses for matched data with binary outcomes, matched data with ordinal or continuous outcomes, and matched data with multiple control units matched to each treated unit. The package is designed to either take vectors of treated and control outcomes or a Match() argument from the Matching package developed by Jasjeet Sekhon. To fully understand these types of sensitivity tests see Paul Rosenbaum’s Observational Studies. 

The package includes the following main user functions along with one additional function that formats a Match() object to be used with the mcontrol() function. The help files contain examples based on the demos contained in Matching.

The package is available on CRAN

The following vignette provides an introduction to Rosenbaum’s method of sensitivity analysis and how to use the package functions. Rbounds Vignette

Please cite the software as follows:
Keele, Luke J. “Rbounds: An R Package For Sensitivity Analysis with Matched Data.”